Required Setup

Once you’re logged in to GitHub, the first step of creating a course is to copy ( “fork”) the Course-in-a-Box project folder ( “repository”) from P2PU’s account to yours. This will make an identical copy of this website and its content in your account library. (Making your course is essentially a matter of editing out our content and customizing it with your own.)

To start, head to P2PU’s course-in-a-box project and click “Fork” in the top right, or simply click the button below:

Fork this repository on GitHub

Delete CNAME

Once you’ve forked the project, you’ll need to remove the CNAME file that appears in the main list of folders and files. This file is specific to P2PU’s web hosting for this tutorial website, and it’ll prevent your site from working if you keep it. (If you’ve already got a custom domain that you want to use for your course, you can edit this instead of deleting it—see Set a Custom Domain for more information.)

Click the file to open it:

Once open, click the trash can icon in the upper right side of the code section to delete the file. On the confirmation page, click the green “Commit changes” button to update (“commit”) your change and return you to the file list.

Your course is now live!

You can view it by going to

Note: it can take between 2–20 minutes for your course to show up for the first time.