Add a Favicon

A favicon is the small image associated with a particular website. Most browsers display these as a visual reminder of the website in the address bar or in tabs. By default, the favicon for Course-in-a-Box courses is the box emoji pictured below.

box emoji

Creating a Favicon

Head to, a free and extensive resource that offers tools to quickly generate the correct files using an image, text, or emoji.

Once you’ve generated the favicon you’d like, the website will download a .ZIP folder called favicon_io that contains 6 different images. For Course-in-a-Box purposes, you’ll only need the one titled favicon.ico

Uploading a Favicon

As long as your file is named favicon.ico, you don’t need to make any code changes for this one. Head to the img folder, click Add File > Upload Files (top right above the list of files), and use the upload tool to add your image. Once your file has uploaded, commit your changes and wait a few minutes to see the updated favicon appear.

You can update the favicon anytime by following this same process. Uploading a file with the same name will overwrite the previous version so you don’t need to worry about deleting old versions.

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